About Me

I'll try and get a better picture of me baking

Hello friends!  My name is Katherine and I like mid-60's sunny Seattle days, Michigan fall, University of Michigan and a sharp chefs knife.  And frozen chocolate chips.  Oops, and I can't forget about unsalted butter milk alternatives or unbleached all purpose flour!  As you can probably guess, my favorite room of the house is the kitchen (second is under my covers on a cool fall day).  While my love affair with the kitchen isn't one for the history books (yet), it has been a whirlwind so far.

The first time I rummaged around in the kitchen was before I really knew how to walk.  I used to sit on the floor of my grandparents kitchen and go through every. single. one of the kitchen drawers.  Needless to say, it was traumatic whenever my grandma decided to rearrange her kitchen.  Skip to my teenage self.  I started baking cookies when I was sixteen-ish and would bring then into class.  Maybe it was because I wanted to be popular, but I think it was because that was when I realized how much I loved bringing other people joy through food.

The cooking really began my sophomore year of college at Michigan when I had my "own kitchen" for the first time.  Not only did I have limited means and a hodge podge of cooking supplies, which ultimately I think made me a better cook, I had weekly Sunday potlucks for the Society of Les Voyageurs to try out my cooking.  Usually what I made was a hit (keyword: usually) and I tweaked my technique from there.  A few years later in May of 2009, the screaming bundle of joy that is my blog was born.

I have since graduated from Michigan with a Communications and Environmental Studies B.A., actually have my own kitchen, live on the other side of the country (what's up Seattle?!), ventured out West for a bit, migrated back to the Midwest (Hello Wisconsin!) and have gathered a little bit of press along the way for The Ginger Cook.

More importantly, I want to thank my parents for letting me abuse their kitchen in high school (…and college), my sister for being my first official taste tester, my grandma for passing her skills onto me, my friends playing quality control for everything I make, the cities of Seattle & Madison for having an amazing foodie culture and all the people along the way who have encouraged me to keep cooking.


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