Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Can Do More Than Just Cook!

That's right folks, I'm not always in the kitchen.  Maybe I'm even a little multi-talented?  Either way, I started making cards at the beginning of this summer, soon after I started (finally) making prints of my photos.  I had friends living all over the country and I was feeling a little nostalgic.  I missed being at Philmont and spending my free time writing letters.  Other than coloring by kerosene lantern, I didn't have electricity for 4 months, I would write piles of letters.  I don't even write letters for responses, I just really enjoy writing to others.  I always love getting a piece of true mail and I wanted to give that joy to other people.  Even though most people I write to don't reply (which is totally fine!), Christina and Becca always did and I started a pretty amazing pen-pal thing with them.

Using of plain card paper my mom got me for Christmas a few ago and my parents printer, I went to work (Side Note: I love photography).  Gluing on printed out pictures to pieces of card stock, another hobby was born.

This batch of cards, however, is for my Grandma.  I leave for Seattle in 3 days.  THREE DAYS.  I highly recommend not looking in my room and seeing the destruction that has occurred.  I am partly packed, but I have primarily made piles of things to pack.  Sorry, that had nothing to do with my Grandma, only me mildly freaking out.  Today my grandparents are coming over for dinner to say "goodbye" to me.  But us sneaky Martin's are throwing her a surprise birthday party!  I won't be in Michigan to celebrate her actual birthday so we are just doing it today!  My grandma loves writing letters, maybe more than I do, so I thought this would be the perfect gift for her.

Now to any friends out there who would like a letter, please let me know or comment and let me know!!


Becca said...

Grrrrrl, your cards are GORGEOUS and I always love getting them. Love you.

MaryM said...

Philmont? Tell us more!!

Katherine Martin said...

MaryM - What more would you like to know?


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