Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hello Blogosphere,

I wanted to write a quick note as to while the Ginger Cook has suddenly become more barren than the Eastern Washington desert.  A few weeks ago, my doctor informed be that she suspects I may have a gluten and/or dairy sensitivity.  Her plan of action was to have me do an elimination diet for a month and then go from there.  As all my recipes suggest, my number one lover is cheese, bread and butter.  That's right, I went through a triple break-up at the same time a few weeks ago.  I've been adjusting, but needless to say I've been in a bit of a cooking and baking funk as I've been adjusting what I can eat.  A few days ago, I made some stellar gluten & dairy free chocolate chip cookies (my co-workers ate all of them), but I've been struggling a little bit.  I hope to get up and running again (i.e. give you all some delicious recipes!) ASAP and I will be posting some gluten-loaded ones that I have stockpiled in my computer.

Thank you for being so patient and if you have any gluten/dairy free suggestions, it would be much appreciated!

The Ginger Cook


Sarah said...

Oh wow, good luck with it. Fortunately there are some fantastic blogs out there with gluten free and dairy free recipes. It will take a bit of time to adjust, but you are not alone!!

Lamchops said...

That stinks! I have 2 Sisters & Mom with Celiac. Plus nieces & nephews with all kinds of other allergies. It took a Gastro-interologist to order the proper blood work to be done but our entire family (almost) has now been tested for the gluten intollerence (3/11 have it). My sister makes the YUMMIEST treats & she did not even dare attempt to make cookies before her diagnosis! I hope you have some support. There are some awesome recipes online that are gluten-free. My sister has really liked & & she has liked Jules flour (sp?). Try King Athur mixes & Kinninick(sp?) bread products they are in most grocery stores. Plus I hear that Natural Grocers & Whole Foods carry quite a bit. Be careful eating out prep is huge as cross contamination is tricky. My sister has a web site called you may be able to find her contact info if you need help with resources. Best of luck.

Katherine Martin said...

Sarah - Thanks for your encouragement!

Lamchops - When I was at PCC the other day, I was trying to decide between King Arthur's GF flour mix & Bob's Mills mix... I went with the latter because it was cheaper. Do you have a preference? I'm at work now, but I am going to check out your sisters website when I get home. Thank you for all the advice!!


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